Here we go folks. The season is at the halfway point and we could not have asked for a better start to the Rec Division! I am gonna be blunt boys on this edition of the Power Rankings and so be prepared. So many contenders and a few pretenders and one totally out of it but damn what a season. There will be heartbreaks in the 2nd half but let's see who can overcome obstacles/injuries/poor performance and grind their way to the title. This is the hardest Championship to win by far of any league! Commish has informed me that January 14th will be Media Day and so look pretty for your team and individual shots you ugly mofos! Let's work.

1. SIXERS: I don't give a damn that this team is 3-2 and just recently lost to the Blazers. Three of their top players had to leave in the 2nd half when they were up almost double digits on the Blazers! Opponents have to play a great game to beat them while the Sixers only have to play a decent game to win on most nights. Of course that kind of thinking could lead to them losing at any time but I trust Jake and company will be focused the rest of the way. Previously 1.

2. BLAZERS: Impressive comeback against the Sixers before the Holiday break. Garan, Thanujaan and Rishe are forming a nice big 3 and they are going to be a problem all season. GM Suren already conquered the Comp Division and is now looking to do the same in Rec. He had gritty role players on that previous squad and looks like he has some here as well. Previously 3.

3. SUNS: GM Arsil sits at the top of the actual standings with an impressive 4-1 record. Jamshed has been absolutely incredible forming a great backcourt with Adrien. This team is tough and they are a legit contender to say the least. Role guys like Janajan and Mohammed have been crucial to their success and let's see if they can keep it flowing in the 2nd half of the season. Previously 9.

4. THUNDER: GM Evan has given the coaching reigns to Ray and they have taken off ever since. Alot more disciplined and organized which means they will have a legit chance to hoist the trophy at the end of the season. The talent is undeniable but the IQ was always a question. Now Ray is trying to mesh both worlds together and so far so good. Previously 6.

5. BUCKS: This team got hit with a big injury to Chris D'Souza and we thought that would derail their season. But instead Vishnu decided to put them on their back and put up an mvp calibre season while adding an incredible buzzer beater against the Raptors. Check that out on our youtube page! (ETBL2K). Once D'Souza is healthy this team will be even more dangerous. Previously 4.

6. HORNETS: The Hornets are definitely buzzin! An early season overhaul and now they look like a contender. Archu is making his claim for best player in the Division while Alvin and Baki have done whatever they can to keep this team in games. GM Abbeshan has done much better than his two brothers and they can learn a thing or two from him. They are poised to make a run in the 2nd half. Previously 11.

7. LAKERS: So far it has been a mixed bag for the Lakeshow but it will be on them to put everything together. Harrson has the ability to carry this team for stretches and he may have to do that to get them to the top. They got talent but the IQ has not been there for the most part which is suprising considering their experience. Cut down on shitty turnovers and play better defence (without fouling). Previously 7.

8. WOLVES: GM Ayub has not only played well but has his team together and fighting every game. Not sure where they will end up but they can go two ways and it will depend on how much they want to grind. They got a good mix of players and talent but they are still middle of the pack until they put together some big wins. Previously 12.

9. JAZZ: Quite a drop for the Jazz as they just have not been able to convert their games into victories. The offence has been suspect...the defence has kept them in it...GM Lew will have to carry a bigger load and get this team back on track. Or else they will be backtracking out of the playoffs entirely. Previously 2.

10. HEAT: Good squad. Juthis was incredible last game. Nitharsan is bucket. Mathu does a little bit of everything. Can they push the top teams...I don't think so. They gotta be better defensively and limit turnovers on offence. Chemistry is fine but they gotta start playing even better as a team. Previously 8.

11. WARRIORS: This team is old. This team is slow. This team does have experience but that will only take you so far. GM Joe has been phenomenal and has carried this team on his 50 year old back (okay not 50 but some kinda old). They will have to start getting more from the role players if they want to make playoffs. Previously 5. 

12. RAPTORS: Gosh, what a heartbreak for GM Shay. Vishnu on the Bucks gave him a coal for xmas with that back breaking buzzer beater. The Raptors have replaced Rigekes who is out for the season and we shall see if Lesean can still carry the load on offence for them. They are still in the playoff hunt but time is ticking. Previously 14. 

13. CAVALIERS: This team needs help. In every way possible. Terrible shot selections. Check. Terrible defence. Check. Terrible turnovers. Check. Iso basketball. Check. Check everything cuz this team has been bad. Can they dig themselves out of this hole...maybe if they get to play the Kings all 5 games lol. Previously 13.

14. KINGS: This is tough cuz we did not expect the Kings to be this bad. They have energetic players and speed and we thought they would use that to their advantage. But instead it has been Abhiram trying to carry the load on offence and the rest of the team just not doing enough. Rough start to say the least but they are going to just have to play it out and hope to stay competitive. Previously 10.